About Analytics Intell: Better Intelligence Quickly and Economically

Analytics Intell (AI) is an innovative technology services firm specializing in Scorecard and Dashboards, Reporting, Data Mining and Forecasting, Mobile Solutions,Custom Visualization, Database design and management. The company was founded in 2003 and now a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading brands and companies. We can help your organization leverage our exceptional capabilities to grow your business quickly and economically. We will help you build better intelligence with insight you need and from data you can trust.

Our very skilled professionals consist of experienced technologists whose knowledge surpasses the entire lifecycle of business intelligence, including strategy and project planning, advanced data modeling and management, reporting, scorecards and dashboard development, mobile apps solutions, data mining and forecasting, and data integration technology. We’ve combined in-depth understanding of industry expertise, world-class technologies coupled with a collaborative work ethic to build customized solutions that deliver measurable results in Consumer Products, Entertainment, Communication, Financial Services, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Hospitality, Education, ManufacturesFood and Beverages, and Utilities.

Our History: Evolving Expertise

Experience matters. Focus delivers. At Analytics Intell, our executives combine for a total of 76 years of Business Intelligence to deliver successfully, on time – every time. This experience provides our customers with the leadership and best practices know-how that helps AI focus on business intelligence, Reporting, Scorecards and Dashboards, Data Mining, Forecasting, Data Modeling and Data Management, Custom Data Visualization, Mobile App Solutions, and Cloud Hosting.So, while we can’t file your taxes come April, you’ll be glad we’re focused on your business intelligence success today!

At AI, we put our experience and focus into practice through our business model playbook, best-practices approach to helping you implement your business intelligence strategy, manage projects, successfully develop and deploy, and plan for operations and maintenance. Today that pragmatic approach is how we help over 20 customers across 9 industries realize the full value of their business intelligence program investment. AI helps businesses successfully plan, architect, implement, and deploy business intelligence solutions.We would love to partner with you through your analytics journey.